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Terms and agreements upon placing an order

All orders over $10k will require a 50% deposit before the product of your order will be placed.
1.The milage to and from the delivery destination.
2. The required transportation it will take to deliver the amount of furniture ordered. 
3. If stairs are involved on the install and how many.
4. The amount of installers and time required  to complete the task. 
5. The amount time it takes to assemble the furniture ordered.
6. The disposal of all boxes and trash included in the order. 
A disposal fee is required for any old/existing furniture you may have that you want us to dispose of for you. It will cover the cost of us taking it apart, removing it, and disposing of it for you. If this is a service you would like us to do, then it needs to be addressed BEFORE the quote is finalized and order is placed. If it is not on the quote we will not be able to dispose of it for you.

*This includes, chairs, chair mats, desks, filing cabinets, storage cabinets, bookcases, etc. It does not include the trash that was accumulated on the new furniture that was delivered.
A freight fee will only be charged to you if the company you want to order from charges one. This fee will come directing from our distributor and will be added to your quote. We do not mark up or make any additional money off of this fee. Not all companies charge for freight and it will be addressed prior to the order.
Once you okay an order, the product listed is yours to keep. If you no longer need an item and want us to take it back there will be a restocking fee of 30% of the total cost of the item you are returning. 
A 3% processing fee of the total invoice amount will be added to all invoices that are greater than $500.
If planning to pay with a card, please let us know ahead of time so it can be factored in.
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